Every year over one million marriages end in divorced!  And millions of others continue to struggle and suffer, simply enduring each other.  Now the reason for these failures and struggles has less to do we who we have chosen as a mate, but the lack of knowledge in how to love and relate to the mate we’ve chosen.  But the good news is that these failures and struggles in marriages can be overcome.

“My Marriage University” is a Web-Based Interactive solution that is designed to bring Marriage and Family Counseling to the comfort of one’s home or business.  It teaches couples and families a NEW LIFESTYLE of relational living by providing a set of tools (Marriage Toolkit), online training, virtual counseling, private sessions, and educational courses.  Using our proven marriage and family training system, every couple can now learn how to have a happy, successful, and enjoyable marriage from the comfort of their own home. 

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There are three things that every couple must know in order to be successful in marriage and intimate relationships!  “Marriage Basics” is an online curriculum that is designed to teach couples the THREE BASIC KEYS to a happy and enduring home and life together.  Our web-based interactive sessions work hand-in-hand with our Marriage University Toolkit to provide a new life style of living that ensures success in the years to come.  Marriage Basics provide multiple session on the following subjects:  

Physical Love (The Relationship Battle Plan)

• Emotional Love (Soul Mates, Soul Ties, and Soul Survivors)

• Spiritual Love (No More Drama, and First Love) 

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With “My Marriage University”, couples no longer have to schedule and wait on an appointment for marital counseling. Depending on the need, couples are now able to receive immediate and thorough counseling online through our virtual counseling center.  Couples will receive an interactive assessment on their marriage and counseling in the following areas and more:

• Conflict Resolution

• Money and Finance

• Effective Communications in Marriage

• Meeting the Needs of your Spouse

• The “10 Commandments” of Resolving Problems

• Sex and Affection

• Healing, Restoration, and Marital Drift

• Family and Parenting, Blended Families, and In-laws

We also offer Private one-on-one Sessions on all these subjects, in our office or through video conferencing for those who desire interactive counseling or training. 

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Almost everything we do professionally requires some type of training, education, and/or licensure in order to become qualified to do it. We spend years in college and professional training, and tens of thousands of dollars to prepare to become engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and many other professions.   At “My Marriage University”, we believe that Couples need to have the same attitude and mentality when it comes to the most important decision that they will make, that being marriage.  Our curriculum offers more than just a pre-marital training session, but a lifestyle change of preparing and learning how to be and do marriage for the rest of your life.  These sessions include:

• Learning the Strengths and Weaknesses of your Relationship

• The differences in how Males and Females Express Love

• Married, Now What

• Moving from a Soul tie to a Soul Mate

• Preparing for Marital Challenges

• Families and other External Influences 

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At Marriage University we offer a FREE Online Library of Webinars, Training, Guest Lecturers, Marital Tips, and other helpful tools.  However, we recognize that there are some of you who want to go deeper than just self-education.   “My Marriage University” offers professional training and education for those interested in providing help to other couples at a personal or corporate level.  

Our “Train the Trainer” curriculum is designed to teach marriage counselors and support staff how to use the “My Marriage University” toolkit and curriculum to design their own sessions, retreats, or marriage classes.  

We have also partnered with Saint Thomas Christian University to provide Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and other related fields.