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The Power of Love’s Value

The reason why we struggle and to love one another or fail to stay in love is because true love does not come from us, it comes from God. Before we can learn how to love someone else we must first love God and understand the depths of how much God loves us.

When you are lacking the ability to love your spouse, children, friends and significant other that may mean that you are lacking some of God. God is love and if we have God in us we also become love. The amazing thing about God is that He has to love because God is love.

It is easy to love someone when they are lovable but what do you do when they are unlovable?

You may be asking the question, how can I love someone that continues to disrespect me? How can I love someone when they do not even deserve my love?

We have all experienced first love at various levels. The first love we felt for our lover. The passion we felt for our first job or business. The soul tie connection we had for a best friend; or the hunger and thirst we had when we first got saved. However, with all of these experiences there was an initial euphoric feeling and excitement but eventually that joy faded away.

Just as easy as it is to fall in love, it’s just as easy to fall out of love. When we lose our source of love, we lose our “Power of Love.”

The answer to our issues with love is we must return to our first love, true love and best love. Then we will truly obtain the Power of Love.

Revelation 2: 4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

Warning signs that you may have left your first love, God.

1.)  You go hours or days or weeks without Thinking of Christ.

2.)  You delight in your spouse, friend, job or something more than you do God.

3.)  You say you love someone but your actions and expressions don’t really show the love of God. (You cannot just “Talk Love you must “Feel Love.”)

4.) You long for human companionship than a deeper relationship with Christ.

5.) You do not have a strong hunger for the Word.

You can find 40 more reasons to know if you have left your first love in the book, First Love, True Love, Best: The Joys and Struggles of Finding, Sustaining, and Restoring Our First Love. 

View other relationship books written by Dr. Will and Grace Nichols at https://mymarriageuniversity.com/counseling-center

Live Victoriously,

Dr. Wil Nichols

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